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As a technological provider company, we have developed a software for radio stations all over the world, ENACAST, a broadcasting software of streaming and recording podcasts automatically. Its main features are:

  • it is only necessary to configure your station programming from a simple control panel and the system will start recording. It will instantly publish the program podcast from the first minute, without having to finish the program;
  • possibility of inserting markers in the corresponding file that allows the search of a specific moment in the audio and share it on social networks. This is a very useful tool when editing programs with diverse contents and they need to be numbered;
  • everything is designed in a responsive way and the system is totally compatible with Smartphones and Tablets of any platform (Android, IOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone);
  • ENACAST can be published automatically on the radio station websites and Apps. 

Other characteristics of ENACAST: 

  • Download manager
  • Detailed statistics
  • The live player has an embed-sharing tool
  • News updating manager

Nowadays, a huge number of Catalan and Spanish radio stations use ENACAST, which enables them to adapt their structure to the progress of new technologies and, besides, to strengthen their online broadcast.